iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

As you know water or liquid is a conductor of electricity. When water enters your iPhone, and reaches the logic board, the electric charge from battery runs like a shock wave all over the logic board and other components causing serious danger to all the vital components of iPhone. The parts of iPhone will start to fail one by one and iPhone can eventually die if not taken care of properly.

Water or Liquid causes corrosion on circuit boards inside phone, Rusts the components, the component Resistance drops, metal rusting breaks it down, most of the soldered joints deteriorate with corrosion. Water can cause a complete short circuit.

Salt in sea water and chlorine in pool water are more dangerous than the fresh water. These two elements speed up the corrosion process resulting the speed rusting of logic board components and circuits. Your iPhone can die in few hours if not taken to professional Lab.

Good news is that 90% of water and liquid damages phones can be fixed and saved if taken to Lab within few hours of accident.

Important life saving tips if your iPhone has got into any kind of liquid:

  • Do not ever put it on charge.
  • Do not ever try to turn it on.
  • Remove the battery, if you can ASAP.
  • We suggest You to contact us as soon as possible, book a FREE pickup or visit our high-Tech Lab asap.
  • The sooner you call us for repair, the better chances are that you will have your iPhone and valuable data back.
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